Sunday, 25 June 2017

Simple logic vrs Science

Layman: We should worship Sun god as it is the single biggest source of energy in the world. It gives us life.
 Scientist: Are you mad? Sun is just a celestial body. It generates a huge amount of energy by nuclear fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium. The energy is used by the plants on earth to perform photosynthesis & make food for themselves & is just a scientific process. What is there to worship about?
Layman: I have heard children inherit qualities of their parents, but your parents were not like that.
Scientist: Oh come on. It is just a process of the transfer of DNA from one pair of human beings to its progenies.
Layman: You have studied too much son. Perhaps loving someone could treat you & fill your heart with some emotions.
Scientist: Please..! Love is nothing but a process that takes place because of Dopamine creation in brain & adrenal glands. Dopamine stimulates the release of testosterone hormone.Than Neuro transmitters, norepinephrine & PEA lead to focused attention & people experience euphoria. The condition is deemed as falling in love. & heart is just an organ that cleans blood & pumps it into the different parts of the body.