Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Reality Bites

-You remember Shyamli, the most stylish girl of our college..? 

- ""(a beautiful picture of a beautiful, bubbly girl with long hair, sculpted figure, big-expressive eyes and warm smile came alive in Piyush's Mind. He so, so wanted her for himself, wanted to propose her, marry her... but he never expressed his feelings for her & she got married to one of his classmates just after completing graduation.) .. "Yes, Yes I know Shyamli.", Piyush said to Rahul.

-Her life has completely changed in past five years. His husband died 3 years back. In-laws threw her out of the house along with her 1 year old daughter. She's been doing trivial jobs since then to earn bread and butter. You are at a very good post, you can help her find a decent job.

- Of course, of course, there is a vacancy in my office as well. I need a PS. She'll get a good salary. Call her tomorrow.

(next day Piyush's eagerness to meet Shyamli made him reach office early)    

Shyamli reached at 12. She was not obese, but sculpted figure was not there anymore. Protruding tummy, sagging shoulders and hesitant walk had made her look very ordinary.  Her earnest efforts to make both ends meet after her husband's death, had taken its toll on Shyamli. Thick, long hair had now turned into a thin braid.  Her beautiful eyes were in contours now. Her wrinkle stricken face with a dull smile were making her look completely alien in the plush office of Piyush which was full of modern, trendy & lively youngsters. She spoke with a hesitant tone- " Rahul called me yesterday. He told you had a vacancy for personal secretary & you would hire me on the post."  

-Yeah, I wanted to, But my boss rejected the idea. He said you were not qualified enough to hold the post. Actually, I have an important meeting to attend. Peon is bringing tea, have it before you leave... (..and Piyush left in haste.)