Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Not guilty...!

Why did You do that Indra? Why did you kill your daughter? Why did you want to kill your son... he is your son for god's sake? Can any mother kill her own daughter for Money? I Can't believe. How can you be so cruel...? Polyandry, the murder of your own daughter, deception... you are a blot on the entire female species. You should have not born in India. You ran away from your home, got married thrice.. & you dumped everyone who came in the way of your success... your parents, children, husbands, everyone! ... And you are still smiling, still confident, still we don't see guilt, regret or fear in your eyes.... why Indra?  you never regretted what you did?

..And Indra responds with a faint smile: 
Will you ever regret having lived the life you wanted for yourself? I loved myself, I punished everyone who cheated me, hated me & tried to stop me from getting where i wanted to be.... what is wrong in it? You hypocrites, It is perfectly ok for you people if a man commits same offences I have been booked for... But you can't digest a woman living life on her own terms. You want to prosecute me, do it.. but don't give me this guilty & regret shit.

You'll never know the pain to see your own children cheating you... You can never measure the amount of grief and anger you feel when your family member exploits you & your mother keeps mum. People live for themselves. I lived for myself . I erased every fear & threat of my life... may be it was not what you say is legal or was not as per moral grounds weak people set for themselves, but it was OK for me. I am ready to face the consequences only if your legal system could prove me guilty. But as for my own take on me, I am not guilty. I simply lived life on my own terms. I just did not play safe & got caught.