Saturday, 2 January 2016

God is gonna Love you Anyways

So, another year has passed, what about the goals you set for yourself, achieved any...?

Nope. every time I turn over a new leaf.., every time I begin anew.., every time there is more hope than the last time.. and every time ...I fail...I don't know what's happening with me, why I m losing every time? Will I be a loser always?
You tried to find out the reason..? 

Perhaps it is my lack of perseverance and discipline. As they say, failure only means you did not try your best. I feel guilty.

You know dear, god has created some people like this. They lack will power. But they are the people who add value to the people who are determined and achievers. Just think, if everyone would be determined to achieve, god will have to fulfill everybody's wishes and life will be in total chaos. So he made people like you who never cease to try but somehow never achieve what they want. some are fickle n some are determined. Don't feel guilty of being a failure. Victory gives happiness and failure gives experiences.

Also, there is a condition, if you'll keep trying to defy your failure, god will definitely have to rethink his decision of having created you a loser. He'll know that you have a fighter's spirit and then he'll change your destiny and shall turn you an achiever. But remember, you be an achiever or a loser, god is gonna love you anyways.